Residential And Commercial Solar Solution With Energy Storage Options

The FMS that is Fountain Mountain Solar provides the most effective residential and commercial solar solution in WA State and in many more places. They work passionately by following only one mission to provide a renewable and solar power system and services that benefit the customers, partners and the mother earth. Through their hard work and dedication, they have devolved advanced technologies to give a better solar solution to the community.


At Fountain Mountain Solar you will get a lot option to buy their quality products like outback solar Inverter, solar panel and power battery bank. Along with this, they are also specialized in providing full installation service and consulting services on a wide scale. With their experts advice, you can choose which system is good for you the grid system or the off-grid system. Selecting Off-grid system for harnessing the solar energy will give you add on task of selecting Solar panel and power battery bank.

Off-Grid Batteries Bank Sizing

How much energy storage will be required? Is this the question giving you a headache? Not to worry will guide you through this, figuring out what will be the battery size is quite daunting. If you run out of battery storage you need to depend on a generator or you need to buy better Solar panel and power battery bank which will be add-on expense. Sizing power battery bank is an important step in designing the off-grid system. Picking up the right solar panel and power battery bank will solve the problem. There are few battery types which are commonly used in an off-grid system that is flooded lead acid battery, sealed lead acid battery, and lithium battery. In addition, the Solar panel should all be selected wisely because a single solar panel can only produce a limited amount of energy. There are a number of manufactures in the market who design quality products. At Fountain Mountain Solar a wide range of solar products are used for installation from top brands like Outback, unirac, itekenergy.

Outback Solar Inverter

Solar inverters are the heart of the renewable energy system. It plays a key role in converting the DC power generated from the solar power or any source into AC power which is easy to utilize for residential or commercial purpose. At Fountain Mountain Solar a sine wave power inverter is being used designed by the leading industry manufacturers.

Outback solar inverter is an ideal product of choice in harsh environment condition and application where product reliability is the key phenomenon. With outback’s acclaimed customer and technical service outback solar inverters are highly preferred in many commercial and residential projects. Installing Outback solar inverter is a wise choice as the Outback power technologies is the leading designer and manufactures of battery-based, off-grid renewable energy system, Solar inverters and many more. Fountain Mountain Solar also use their outback advanced power system which is quite easy for installation and take the technology to a new level of performance.



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